About Us

We work with your business.

Here at Assisted Technologies, we believe that our clients are at the heart of everything we do. Without them, we wouldn’t exist.

We are a managed solutions provider in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex serving clients of all verticals. From real estate to tutoring services, we work with all business sizes.



Who we work with.

Our Process

4 Pillars.

Trusted and proven.

We have a tried and tested method for our clients that leads us on a path for success and profitability. Theses 4 “pillars” as we call them provide us a road map to make the transition from IT being a burden to something that guides all aspects of the business.

This includes a full audit your entire infrastructure and what you would want to get out of our business relationship. This includes going through what business problems can be resolved or at least made easier through our solutions and partnership. We have a methodology that we have used with several other clients to determine the best path forward.


This is where Assisted Technologies recommends what we feel is right for your business. It defines solutions that are business-driven. We will present our findings to the stakeholders in the company and really define why we feel the solutions we offer will benefit your business.


We feel like this is the pillar where the time spent on the other two pillars really shows the value to your business. During this part of the process, we will implement our recommendations and make sure that we provide communication along the way.


Even though all of our pillars are important in their own way, the fourth pillar gives us the ability to make our clients feel that IT is something that they don’t have to lose sleep over. Once we get your business to the point where our solutions are running, we can provide monthly reports on status and the health of your infrastructure. Our goal here is to make sure that we are always doing the best job we can for our clients from start to finish.

Let’s Talk



We would love to come on-site or just have a simple phone call to discuss the best solutions for your business. Let us know what works for you!