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Managed IT Services

Our services are at the heart of what we do. When you choose us as a partner, we offer that personal touch.

Some of our Partners

We value all of our partners and work closely with them to stay up to date on all products.

Assisted Servers


  • 9×5 Remote Support
  • Security Protection
  • OS Patch Management
  • 1TB Offsite Backup and Recovery*
  • 6 Month Audit and Review


  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • Password Manager
  • 9×5 Onsite support
  • Holistic & Proactive Security Protection
  • OS Patch Management
  • 2TB Offsite Backup and Recovery*
  • Quarterly Audit and Review

Assisted Users

  • Email Account with Unlimited Storage
  • DNS and SPAM Filtering
  • 9×5 support
  • Security Protection
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Maintained OS Updates
  • Quarterly Reports

We use industry leading security software to make sure your business is protected.

Our backup software works round the clock to make sure that you aren’t left out in the dark when it is really needed.

Our email system comes with a collaborative suite of tools that you no longer have to install on your desktop. If you already have email, we can integrate it to our offering!

We will either come onsite or have a remote call to go over any findings and recommendations to your environment to maintain efficiency and stability.

Support is a key aspect to everything we do, so we provide industry leading SLAs around all of the devices we manage. Not only do we resolve these problems reactively, we also thwart many problems with our monitoring solution.

Holistic Approach to IT

There are many pieces to the puzzle, but we put them all together to create the bigger picture.


If you have thought about the cloud, but don’t know how to get there, we can help.

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Data Centers

Whether you have compliance reasons or just want to own your equipment, we can manage it.

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On Premise

If you don’t have a data center, but just have a small footprint on site, we can help!

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The rate at which hackers are attacking Internet connected devices.



Estimate that an hour of downtime causes a loss of $10,000 or more.



Was wasted due to because of poor project performance in 2017.

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